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It’s taken several hours for me to put my thoughts into writing. I felt it was going to be easy as I’ve been writing all my life-either business plans or articles for trade publications, or more recently grants and editorials for the programs of my shows. It’s not easy. The kind of writing just described has a narrow focus with specific goals in mind.

This time it’s different. I’m not sure what the subject will be or where I’m going to go with it. Most likely it will be political in nature, however, since I have a background in both business and the arts you can be sure that those subjects will also be covered.  I am also now involved in education so you can be sure that there will be posts about that. At the age of 65 I have no intention of either slowing down or retiring.

So, why am I doing this? Good question-I don’t know if I can adequately answer it in a short statement.  I grew up during the Cold War. Eisenhower was President when I graduated high school. It was a completely different world. One would think that in the ensuing forty seven years things would have progressed to the point that we would have become a more enlightened society. Sadly, we are morally and intellectually behind where we were in 1960. I want to examine why we’re going backwards, and what we can do about it as an enlightened society. I want to examine the conditions that allowed George Bush to become President. Make no mistake about it-he’s a tremendous problem, but he’s more the symptom than the root cause. The same can be said about the ten locker room jock pretenders that debated (if that’s what you want to call it) the other evening. We’ve got to tear that weed off at it roots.

Two weeks ago I became a grandfather, and in July my younger daughter  will present me with another grandchild. I want their world to be a better one than the one I live in. I have no idea how much time we’ll spend together or how well we’ll get to know each other, so perhaps this blog will give them some insights into their grandpa other than the old guy who comes to visit now and then. I also want them (and my kids) to know that “You’ve got a voice-use it. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”.


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