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A Regrettable Choice

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Yesterday in my last post I urged everyone to withhold contributions to democratic legislators who voted for the supplemental war funding, as well as vote for whoever their Democratic opponent is in the next primary election. I never thought I would be faced with this problem. Well, I am. My congressperson, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz voted for the war funding. 

Here’s my problem; she’s a fantastic legislator and a rising star in the House. She’s smart, erudite, and is on top of the issues. She’s everything I want my legislator to be…..except for this one issue. I contacted her today and informed her that I would not support her financially, nor would I vote for her in the primary. It broke my heart to do this, but this is too important an issue to let pass. 

The Democratic leadership could have withheld any legislation, thereby forcing GWB’s hand. If they don’t show that kind of initiative they’ll never gain any respect. The funding was the only legislation that mattered. Everything else was window dressing and could have been attended to any time. Frankly, nothing else really matters until we resolve

Solution: Run for office, or find someone to run for office. Seriously, that’s how things can change. Any person from any walk of life can run. The two most powerful men in the House last term were Tom DeLay and Dennis Hastert. Think about it-an exterminator and a wrestling coach shaping the lives of all of us. If they can do it so can you.


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