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In 2000 I was telling everybody that “this is the most important election since 1932” for a variety of reasons, not the least being that presidents appoint federal and Supreme Court judges and there was no way that we could allow George Bush to appoint any judges. In 2004 I felt that this is the most important election ever and we were lucky that he had not appointed any Supremes. The Iraq War, the dismal economy, the deficit, were all things that, while important, would work themselves out through the political process. Judgeships, however, can last a lifetime. Bush has  done his damage, so now we’re coming into 2008 (albeit a little early) and I am now saying that this is the most important election since The Civil War. We were lucky back then-the good guys won.  In the 140 plus years since, our society has undergone radical changes, however, our legal system still plods along in the 19th century. 

Last week the Supremes by a 5 to 4 (thanks to GWB) decision slapped the collective faces of American women and let them know that they are second class citizens in the job marketplace. Where’s the outrage?  I would think that even Republican women would be outraged at this decision. Well, perhaps there is so much going on in government right now that this is an issue that will have to wait its turn. I think that this should be a presidential election issue. Hillary Clinton has already indicated that she would take action to remedy this, but I haven’t heard from any other Democrat on the issue. The Democrats must make this a platform issue whether or not Hillary is the candidate, and they must fly it in the face of the Republican candidate at all times. It’s too early for me to pick a candidate to endorse, but it’s not too early to put together a winning strategy, and win over all the undecided women as well as some dissatisfied Republican women.  I can’t understand why any smart, self-respecting woman would want to be a Republican. Maybe something like this can be the tipping point


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