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They really think we’re stupid

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The only Republican debater that made any attempt to appeal to our intellect the other evening was Ron Paul. The others used the same old fear tactics (and that’s exactly what they are) to appeal to their base.  No one in the debate even attempted to ask Mitt Romney to correct his statement about weapons inspectors not being allowed into Iraq, which is a totally untrue statement. Wolf Blitzer let the statement go as well, although he did cite Romney for not answering the question he asked. Since this was the first question asked during the evening it is clear that everyone involved was going to support a lie and it was downhill from there. They really must think we’re stupid. Add Fred Thompson into this mix and that’s a sure prescription for failure as a society. The only way we can save our republic is to completely reject the idea that these prevaricators and charlatans can run the country; they can’t, and over the last six years they’ve proven it. All of these men are part of the Republican sweep of the nineties that helped elect the Bush Administration and they tacitly watched the systematic destruction of our society while vociferously supporting Bush without the slightest bit of criticism. If one of them (other than Paul) had an original thought it would completely screw up their programming. The truth is that none of these guys deserve to hold any elective office. These guys are deluded enough to think that they can continue to spew out the same tired, unfounded and debunked rhetoric constantly. If they repeat their lies enough they think people will buy it. The country was gullible enough until the 06 elections. Fool me once shame on you-fool me twice shame on me. Are we gullible? To a point we all are. We all want to believe in our government, whether or not we always agree with its policies. What this current administration has done to our country’s stature and credibility will take the better part of a generation to remedy no matter who wins the election. We certainly can’t afford to be gullible or stupid now. There’s no way you can trust a Republican, even Ron Paul, to bring us back properly, protect our rights, give the middle class back its place in our society and respect the rule of law. The fact that these men condoned the actions of Scooter Libby and refused to even recognize his deceptions proves that there is no morality in the GOP.  I’m not giving the Democrats a pass on this. The war funding vote still sticks in my craw. As much as I like Joe Biden I cannot support him in the primary nor can I support Debbie Wasserman Schultz. The freshman congresswoman was not elected to cave in to GWB. Her excuse was that she could not leave our soldiers unprotected. I heard her explaining her vote on a morning radio show and then thought to myself “she bought the lie”. She certainly is not stupid, so she must, as a freshman legislator, be extremely gullible. No fewer soldiers will die or be maimed because of the war funding. All she did was prolong the agony. The opportunity to break the President’s power and turn the tide was there and our Democratic leadership blew it. Maybe they think we’re a little less stupid than the GOP. I refuse to be gullible any more. Note to Debbie Wasserman Schultz: you’re first responsibility is to your constituency, not to the military. If you want the war to end then it’s your responsibility to either stop this commander-in-chief from pursuing a failed policy or fire him. That’s a vote I can support. Stop thinking we’re stupid. Do what you were elected to do-ruthlessly! Then I can feel comfortable voting for you.


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