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Why I Joined

I’ve been away from this post for three months. Sorry about that, but a few minor things happened in my life that had some impact on my time. Within that space of time both of my daughters gave birth to the most beautiful baby girls you have ever seen, plus we moved to a new residence. During the period of the move my wife, Susan, had triple bypass surgery, so I was rather busy as well as apprehensive.  I’m happy to report that she has made a complete recovery. For eight solid weeks I was her nurse, cook and housekeeper. It was a wonderful experience and we’re both now on heart healthy diets and getting our bodies into first class shape. Oh, yes…..and my wonderful mother (86 years young ) passed away in late July. That was a real blow to me. So you’ll excuse me if I didn’t do any posting, but now I’m ready and more enthusiastic than ever.

Over the last few months it seems as if our Democratic leadership has been paralyzed when it comes to confronting and dealing with this administration. The few bright spots were the Justice Dept. hearings but even they fell flat, partially because the Democratic leadership in Congress decided to take a month long vacation. This country is in serious trouble and they should have at least cut vacation time or staggered it.

If you are not already listening to progressive talk radio, you should be. There are several nationally broadcast shows available and if there is no station in your area you can always go to the hosts websites. You can also listen over the internet to several stations that are available. I’ll list some of these at the end of this post. It was through listening to Ed Schultz that got me interested in

What got me re-energized was the reaction by some Democrats to the ad placed by in the New York Times. This PAC is actually doing something to counter the misinformation being spewed out by the administration and its right wing parrots. My word! What are the Democrats afraid of ? Galvanizing the Republican? Being called nasty names? Come on! The Republicans are going to do that anyway. Over the last several years these cowards have never been properly confronted, because they scream foul when it happens to them. They certainly cant take their own medicine. So, what are we afraid of?

Once I realized that represents my sentiments better than my elected representatives my course was clear. I joined, and I also volunteered to become an intern for them if they choose me. This is an organization that actually is doing something unfettered by the niceties of the Washington establishment.

What has to happen is that we need to be able to advertise in every major Newspaper and in the electronic media as well.  If we all join and donate some money, we can possibly make the Democrats fear us more than they fear the right wing noise machine. Wouldn’t that be great. At the same time we can also balance the playing field with truth and facts as opposed to what the right wing does.

I urge everyone to join and to contribute so that we can take this country back. Especially for my two beautiful granddaughters. They deserve the best world we can give them.

In addition, listen on the radio or the web to Stephanie Miller, Randi Rhodes, Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Laura Flanders, Rachel Maddow, Bill Press and if your heart can stand it-Mike Malloy. There are many others in different markets but if you google these names you can go directly to their websites.  In a later post I’ll compile a list of every progrssive show for you. A word of caution on Mike Malloy-he gets passionately violent (which I love about him) so be prepared for a roller coaster ride, but its well worth it. This is the man who coined the phrase “Bush Crime Family” and he’ll prove it to you every night.


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