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It’s Time For Lots Of Changes

The events of the last couple of weeks and the shameful performance of our elected Democrats have caused me to rethink the entire situation.

1.  It’s time for a change of congressional leadership. If Harry Reid isn’t sharp enough to know when he’s being strung along by the Republicans he has no business being the majority leader. Get someone in there who will not only play hardball with them but smack them over the head with a bat if they don’t cooperate. What folly for our leadership to  allow a condemnation resolution to even come to the floor. To add insult to injury the leadership introduces absolutely meaningless troop funding bills that they know won’t pass or will be vetoed. We’ve got to stop Reid’s Folly.

2.  It’s time to change this administration.  This congress has the power to not bring any legislation to the floor.  Every committee should be engaged in investigative work that could result in impeachment charges against every administration official as well as criminal charges against former officials. The Senate should not even hold hearings on any Bush nomination for office. That means AG, judgeships, cabinet officers etc.  Let this administration rot until it decides it wants to act in good faith.

3.  It’s time to change the media.  Congress has the power to break up the corporate consolidated ownership of the media. It won’t happen unless we press for it to happen. This is probably more important than impeaching Bush or dumping Harry Reid. This speaks to how we get our news and information and how biased it is.  We must have a free and independent media; one that seeks truth and facts and eschews propaganda. We must urge congress to act in the public interest on this.


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