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Preventive Impeachment Now

Sometimes ideas come to you out of the blue when you least expect it. In my last post I urged impeachment of the entire administration and criminal prosecution of many of its former members. I still advocate that, and now I have the exact reason why it should be. It’s simple, really, we must impeach for what they will continue to do if left unchecked, not for the crimes they have already committed.

We’ve heard that congress lacks the votes to pass any meaningful legislation to stop Bush, but they haven’t used all of the tools available to them yet. A “first strike” impeachment will prevent the Bush people from offering up cooked intelligence to get us into a phony war, and at the same time tie them up for what could drag on for several months. We can use preventive impeachment for handicapping  this administration for practically the rest of its term and use congress’s investigative powers to render every cabinet official useless (well, more useless than they already are).

Preventive impeachment means no more funding bills, no more troop surges, no more nothing. It’s beautiful-the only House Democrat running for president is Dennis Kucinich, who is solidly in favor of it, and the Democratic Senators don’t have to worry about the issue, because if the House plays their cards right it can be extended through the elections and never really have to come to the Senate floor.

All that wasted energy and frustration can magically be turned into a useful force that can mumify an already putrifying presidency.


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