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I just received an e-mail from Adam Green at Bold Progressives urging me to send a message to President Obama. Of course, it’s concerning his taking a firm stand on the inclusion of the public option. I get these kinds of letters all the time and normally I just sign them and don’t add my personal comments. Not this time! I’m tired of an impotent congressional leadership and, to date, a feckless administrative stance on a number of issues. Here’s the letter I wrote:


“Your administration has been a bitter disappointment to me. You have, so far, failed to address the breakup of the corporate media, failed to repeal DADT, failed to bring Dick Cheney and his cronies to justice and failed to rein in the very perpetrators of our financial dilemma on Wall Street. In fact, you have abetted them and allowed most of them to continue doing what they are doing by not establishing the proper controls. We also get pleas for more money from you. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! DO YOUR JOB OR YOU WILL BE REPLACED IN 2012! The public option is non-negotiable. Show some spine-show some muscle and do the job we expect of you. In retrospect, Hillary is looking a lot better. I’m beginning to regret not giving her the chance.”

This might not be as respectful as it could have been and I don’t care. This is an opportunity to tell him how we really feel. While I’m still working hard for progressive candidates and ideals I’m tremendously disappointed in our leadership and the only way to show it is to withhold support for those people who are not acting in our interests.

Adam’s letter also asked for money which, if I had received this e-mail 10 minutes earlier, I might have donated if my unemployed son in Mississippi hadn’t texted us that he was out of minutes and could we help. Hey, today is his third anniversary and what are parents for? Adam, I promise to send you something real soon, okay?

Here’s something you readers can do. Go to and sign the petition. Also include your personal message. My message was deliberately harsh in its tone; yours doesn’t have to be but don’t candycoat it. Tell this administration exactly how you feel. If you’re so inclined, give a few bucks to the cause and add in one for me.


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